But, Why?

Here it goes, at age 30.

I’ve never been much of a writer. Mainly because my mind is like a bouncy castle. You hit one corner and head in a completely unexpected direction. I tend to get distracted easily. I’ve kept a journal on and off for years but have a love for pretty notebooks so the compilation always shifted into another fancy covered book and only if I had the correct writing utensil. If I couldn’t find my thin ballpoint sharpie than I wouldn’t write my thoughts down. I’d see it as a sign it wasn’t the right time to write. And the journal needs to have college ruled paper in it. Wide-ruled? You may as well recycle the book. I won’t use it. See how I get a little distracted here folks?

My life right now, is EPIC. I’ve left my generous husband of 6.5 years (yes, we got married young) and our floppy eared pit bull at home. I’ve left my great teaching opportunities, students, and friends to complete my 300 hour yoga teacher training with a company and teacher I LOVE in the city I’ve dreamed of living in since I was 14. Alone. Knowing no one. Into a world that is 100% different. Completely new city, new living situation, new way of transportation, new way of grocery shopping, laundry, new weather, new space, new yoga, new sounds, new people, etc. Acquaintances here? Sure. A few from my past but no one that knows me well and who I am now. And if you do know me, you are aware that I fill my time and space with LOTS of people. Coffee dates, hugs, walks, lunches, dinners, FaceTime dates, wine nights, classes. I’m rarely alone without plans to have one of those before the day’s end. 

Many I’ve spoken with don’t understand why I chose to leave to accomplish this training. “Studios close to Charleston have a 300 hour program. Studios in Charleston have them, ya know. How can you just leave your husband and make him get a roommate in your house? That’s bold. What does he think about all this? How does your family feel?” Lots of questions of this nature. Now, after a week in this city, I’ve realized why I’m here. 

I have to love myself before I can love all of you.

I’ve been asked by students, friends and family to share my experiences while I’m here. That’s a loaded request. You guys might just get more than you’re asking for. Part of my hesitation is that I’ll share too much, break open more than I’d like to. However, that, may be exactly why I’m here.