I think I'll stay a while.

I had a conversation with an old friend a couple of months ago.

We randomly cross paths when we (unknowingly) need a dose of each other. This is a prime example and reminder that the universe does provide. His spiritual positivity is off the chart. I wish I could bottle it up and carry it in my pocket every day. He’s a heart follower, or should I say listener, who references WE often. As in HE, and his heart? The universe? God? It’s indifferent. He sees that in working together, there is an extraordinary life to live. He Trusts. Good company, no? As we were discussing where life has lead us, we were talking about what fuels us. I’m from the mountains of Virginia and LOVE going back to the views and fresh air. I take something different away every time I visit. I often even feel guilty when I say I don’t love hiking or camping or swimming in the lake. So I realized during this conversation, that this city really does have my heart. I told him of the Brooklyn & Manhattan view from my rooftop, the surprise scope of the Empire State building and Freedom Tower (which sparkles at night, y’all) when I turn random street corners. How I sometimes take the long way home just to take in the birds eye views from the Q train of the East River, Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges, the city scape, and so, so much more. As I babbled more about my starry eyed NYC experiences, he shared it was clear that I’ve landed where I should be. And I’d like to think he’s a good judge of character. He’s right. I am where I’m supposed to be and I don’t want to leave. I’m not ready. We aren’t done yet.

After that conversation in May, YTT has only supported me more in these thoughts. When in TT, you get Vulnerable. You get Real. You experience shift and change on such a grand scale. Change can even be an understatement. Svadhyaya (self-study, one’s own reading, & my personal favorite, virtual observance) isn’t only related to ancient texts. It’s to study ones own reactions, the body’s own innate response, your own True North. Awareness of time, life, and choice. And if we’re lucky, this experience doesn’t happen alone. I’m SO very grateful for my NYC tribe. These strong, inspiring individuals have lifted me up, helped me dig in, and have reminded me of the strength that exists within. I came here hoping to make a friend or two as I figured out how to simply get around. I didn’t expect these connections. I didn’t expect to love it here as much as I do. But sometimes the best relationships, and the best experiences, are the ones you never saw coming. And the ones you never planned for.

There are things in this city I don’t love. There are also many things I miss about Virginia & Charleston. I have fear that I won’t make it in this city. I fear I won’t be able to financially support myself, fear I’ll simply fail. But the good thing about being starry eyed is that I Trust. I Trust (yes with a capital T) that the universe will guide and provide. So I fall. Maybe I run into something or someone from looking up at this majestic city. At least I’m looking up and taking it in rather than looking down into my phone. I’ll just get back up, high five a stranger and get back to it.

So Charleston, I’ll see you in August. I’ll be there for 6-8 weeks. I’ll squeeze you tightly, take in your warm salty air, your amazing food and amazing people. NYC, I’ll see you in the Fall.